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Listing ID:186196
Title:Simple Guidance For You In Interior design - innerdesigns4u
Description:Interior design can make a qualitative impact on education. Interior design is one of the most competitive industries for attracting new clients. Even if you’re miles ahead of your competition in terms of talent, it takes an entirely different skill set to get your business noticed online. INTERIOR DESIGN PRINCIPLES: 1. Unity The principle of Unity, as the name implies stresses on the fact that there should be a sense of uniformity or harmony among all the 7 elements used. Interior design should serve as a visual guide for a person to understand a living space, and without unity, the visual guide will only end up confusing the person. All the elements used should complement one another and a smooth transition should exist from one to another. interior-details 2. Balance The principle of Balance refers to the ordered distribution of elements of equal visual weight to achieve a visual equilibrium. Balance is only achieved when the visual weight of the elements are evenly distributed along a central axis or point that can be both real and imaginary. Balance can be achieved by three popular ways namely Symmetrical, Asymmetrical and Radial. In Symmetrical, a space is divided into two equal halves centered on a central axis and both the halves are equally compensated to give out a calm feel to the living space. In Asymmetrical, any odd number of elements can be used by keeping an imaginary central axis as the focal point. interior-details 3. Rhythm The principle of Rhythm essentially suggests a connected movement between different elements of interior design. This movement is essential to maintain a visual tempo between elements that have different visual weights. Elements repeated in an orderly fashion and the spaces between them create a sense of rhythm. Rhythm can be achieved in any living space by following these three methods – 1.Repetition 2.Alternation 3.Progression interior-details 4.Emphasis Emphasis, as the name suggests, is a principle of interior design that says that a central piece of art or furniture design must play the role of a focal point or attention grabber of a particular living space. Elements like color, pattern and texture must be used to emphasize a particular focal point. interior-details 5. Contrast Contrast refers to the difference in the luminescence or color of objects that differentiates them from one another. In interior design, contrast can be achieved by three elements namely color, form and space.One can use pillows or prints of two opposite colors like black and white to achieve contrast and make an object distinguishable. interior-details 6. Scale and Proportion The principles of scale and proportion ensure that objects placed in a space look like they belong to each other. Be it the size, dimension, shape or color of the objects, a harmony should be established between them and a proportion has to be maintained. For example, a high ceiling environment implies that high rise furniture should be preferred over low rise furniture like ottomans. Also, under stuffed pillows would make a big sofa look empty and under accessorized, thus disrupting the harmony and proportion that is supposed to exist. interior-details 7. Details Details are like cherries on an ice cream, they might seem extra but without cherries the ice cream isn’t just complete! Be it the small embroideries on a pillow cover or the color within those embroidery patterns, every detail adds a little bit of life to the overall interior design, adding their own distinctive feature to the overall composition. Once you are sure that you have achieved all of the above mentioned principles, it’s time for details to take over and beautify the place further
Category:Top » Arts » Architecture
Owner Name:Sunilkumar

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